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Advanced searching

Some special characters require particular forms of input into the search fields of the ECONIS database:


Ø, ø slashed O Input as: oe
Þ, þ Thorn Input as: d
Æ, æ ligature AE, ash Input as: ae
Œ, œ ligature OE Input as: oe
Å, å Angström A Input as: aa
Ð, ð Eth Input as: d

Besides entering a query in the standard search bar, you can also use the advanced search screen. You can activate this screen by clicking on Advanced. The screen consists of three parts:

1.  Search for topics

Standard-Thesaurus Economics as useful tool for you search

The Standard-Thesaurus Economics (STW) covers terms from

Management science
Related sciences
Geographic names

All title records from 1986 onwards in ECONIS are indexed with the terms from the STW. This will help you to perform a precise search for titles belonging to a specific topic.

We recommend to search for appropriate search terms in the STW first and then to search for the relevant titles with these search terms.

1.1. Search for the relevant search terms
You can search for the subject headings that best fit with the search key Standard-Thesaurus Economics. The search result will be the data sets for the specific subject headings. You may klick on the broader terms, the narrower terms and the related terms belonging to this subject heading. This way you may find another search term that suits better to you field of interest.

1.2. Search for the titles
Titles may be searched in two ways.

1.2.1. Click an the button "related publications" at the bottom of the data set of the subject heading that best apply to your field of interest. You search result will be all titles with contents relevant to this subject heading.

1.2.2. Use the search term in connection with the search key all words or subject/geographical headings. The search result will be the relevant titles. You may enlarge or restrict your title list so that it fits better to your topic.

1.3. Search for older literature
We recommend to chose the search key "subject/regional headings" and then to chose "browse" in the pull-down menue on the left side. The search result will be an index list where you can browse the most appropriate subject headings and click to the titles indexed with these subject headings

2.  General part

In this part you can specify search terms by entering them in the search fields. For every line you can select an index and give search terms. You can combine the lines with booleaan operators.

You can also specify if the results will be sorted on relevance or year of publication. It is also possible to specify the year of publication. For example: 1948-1980 for publications published between 1948 and 1980, 1976- for publications published between 1976 and now and 1978, 1980, 1983 for publication published in 1978, 1980 and 1983.

Last in the general part is the choice of language.

3.  Material selection

In this part you can select or not select materials. In the upperright you select all or none.

4.  Search with type of publication/content

You can search for documents according to formal criteria by using the search key "type of publication/content". Please enter one of the codes you find in the list of codes Examples:

1. Enter : 81 . the result will be all titles that are linked to the electronic full-text in the internet.

2. Enter: 28 . the result will be all titles that are textbooks

3. Enter: 15 . the result will be all statistics

4. Enter: 6 or 06 . the result will be all titles that are conference issues or volumes.

5.  Search for literature in specific languages

. Search for titles in German

Attention please: The most recent and older titles in the German language are not to be found when you use the function "language".

Instead: Chose the search key "all words" and enter "spr ger or de or dt*". (Please don't forget the "*")

. Search for titles in another single specific language

Please use the function "language".